The study of nanomaterials gave me a quality scientific basis, the ability to work independently, get bogged down in issues, understand them and solve problems related to them. I gained good language skills, both thanks to teaching in a foreign language, working with foreign language literature, and studying abroad. The advantage of the labour market was gaining long-term practice already during the study.

Josef Pošmourný | | Knorr-Bremse

Studying gave me the technical knowledge and a passion for science. That's why I'm going to study for a doctorate at TUL.

Vojtěch Růžek | Ph.D. student | TUL

Studying nanomaterials has shown me the beauty of science and opened the way to the world. I really liked the teachers' personal approach and the fact that the Nano field was rather smaller and created a family atmosphere.

Filip Hrnčiřík | Ph.D. student | University of Cambridge

The study gave me opportunities, an interdisciplinary view of the "nanoworld", and showed the meaning of asking questions. There are students and teachers at TUL as a family.

Ondřej Havelka | student, researcher | Ceitec

I had the opportunity to meet and get to know many people I value very much, either for their active approach to students or for their professional knowledge. Some subjects seemed a bit "outside our field", but it turned out that this knowledge simplifies communication with experts and facilitates cooperation in interdisciplinary teams.

Kateřina Kopecká | researcher | SYNPO