Nanotechnology news

Patricia Redden wins 2025 Award for Volunteer Service to ACS

Safety guru and advocate for chemists with disabilities recognized for a lifetime of service to the society

Why do mosquitoes seek human blood?

Study identifies two hormones that modulate biting behavior

How Groningen’s labs are going green

One university’s efforts to make science more sustainable

Most solvent waste from US academic labs ends up in the air

C&EN’s analysis found that while burning is the most common management method, the federal rules on reporting and tracking hazardous waste leave the details hazy

What does the new EPA methylene chloride rule mean for academic labs?

As universities scramble to comply, chemists are worried about the impact on their research

Frances Arnold named 2025 Priestley Medalist

Award recognizes her work on the directed evolution of proteins, now a widely used approach for chemical and biological design

Antarctic worms’ antifreeze “superpowers” come from their microbiome

Three species of Antarctic marine worm rely on bacteria to produce antifreeze proteins

New compound enhances naloxone’s ability to reverse opioid overdoses

The molecule works by binding at a newly identified site on the opioid receptor

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