Biomechanically defined absorbable materials for cardiovascular surgery

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Many vascular surgery procedures such as the palliative treatment of congenital heart diseases, the wrapping of aneurysms and arterialized vein grafts or endoleak prevention are based on the mechanical interaction of the arterial wall and an external reinforcement. This project concerns the development of a composite consisting of a copolymer of poly(Llactide)(PLA)/polycaprolactone(PCL) nanofibers combined with a collagen matrix for use in resorbable arterial bands which will enable a reduction in arterial blood flow and arterial wall protection against pathological changes and rupture. The structural, degradation and mechanical characteristics of the PCL/PLA/collagen composite will be determined in a simulated body environment and after sterilization. The biocompatibility will be verified on cell cultures and in rat peritoneum. Biomechanical and degradation properties and material-artery biological interactions will be analyzed in rabbit model. Proof of the arterial bands function will be provided via pulmonary artery and abdominal aorta banding using a piglet model.