Novinky v nanotechnologiích

Scientists sniff out the structure of a human olfactory receptor

The research gives a first look at how chemicals trigger our sense of smell

Making molecular movies of vision

Researchers use femtosecond pulses of light to watch what happens when light hits the eye

Simple synthesis produces environmentally friendly energetic material

DTAT-K could be an alternative to lead azide primary explosives

Arsenite-induced necroptosis requires stress granules

Process also depends on proteins that localize in stress granules

European response to US cleantech incentives leaves industry and environmentalists fuming

Proposed law won’t stop cleantech firms moving projects from Europe to the US, Europe’s chemical industry says

IUPAC’s new director discusses how IUPAC comes up with naming recommendations

Greta Heydenrych also talks community building, digitizing chemistry, and creating a common language for scientists

Podcast: The risks and rewards of lithium iron phosphate batteries

Reporter Matt Blois explains how an inexpensive material could transform North America’s electric vehicle industry on C&EN Uncovered

EPA fast-tracks restrictions on 4 organophosphate pesticides

Agency seeks to reduce spray drift to protect health of farmworkers and bystanders

New sorbent captures 3 times as much CO₂

The material can also convert the greenhouse gas into baking soda for ocean storage

20.03. | The surprisingly stable chiral oxonium ion adds to fundamental principles in chemistry

16.03. | European regulators look to sniff out cartel activity among leading fragrance ingredient firms

14.03. | The third-largest chemical distributor finds a home after failed talks with rival Brenntag

14.03. | US proposal sets limits for legacy and commercially relevant ‘forever’ chemicals

14.03. | ‘The right merger at the right time,’ says Seagen CEO

14.03. | Laser measurements taken from public roads in the US provide better estimates than current EPA and IPCC guidelines do, researchers say

14.03. | Amid imprecise results and alleged fraud, chemists debate whether journals should require results of elemental analysis to confirm a product’s purity

13.03. | Oil and chemical giant to use the raw material to make chemicals from coal


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